Our story


Acrobate’s opening. Our business takes the initiative to meld its serigraphy workshop with its computer graphics department. Acrobate then quickly adds on to its services the distribution of promotional items.

Where most distribution centers are located within the limits of the industrial park, Acrobate chose to hold its own at the heart of the city in Old Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.


Acrobate acquires its first embroidery machine, a technique that was offered up until then only via sub contracting. Acrobate can now manage its production, control quality and ensure deadlines are respected. More embroidery machine will be gradually added throughout the years and help meet demands that are steadily increasing.


Acrobate stands out from the competition with the acquisition of a laser machine. A multitude of new and completely unique decoration possibilities can now be offered to our clientele.


Acrobate expands and moves to our present location on Laberge street facing Seminaire boulevard. With the 8000 square feet to host the workshop, offices and showroom, Acrobate has ample space for an ever expanding product line.


Acrobate once again innovates by adding to its showroom a boutique to showcase its safety apparel and work boots. This new service allows Acrobate to provide a new range of highly sturdy apparels and clothing and safety accessories to its working class clientele.

Acrobate receives the public’s favourite business choice award named the Coup de Coeur du Public during Haut-Richelieu’s prestigious Chamber of Commerce Gala.


Acrobate acquires an automated carrousel for serigraphy production and respond faster and efficiently to demands.

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