Promotional and corporate apparels

The field of promotional and corporate apparel has greatly evolved. In its beginnings in 1996, the industry only offered unisex apparel in a limited selection. Today’s choices offer a wide variety and the range of apparel reflects those found in boutiques, trendy and with cuts tailored to women as well as breathable fabrics for greater comfort, particularly for athletes.

Promotional apparels

Promotional apparel can offered as a gesture of gratitude to clients, sponsoring a sports teams, a gift for special events, to promote a new service or to simply increase your visibility.

Corporate apparels

Corporate apparel can dress your employees or your representatives, make your group stand out at gathering, show or a particular activity, or to increase the team’s feeling of belonging.


The range of fabric has widened throughout the years well beyond the traditional cotton blend. We now have natural fibres such as bamboo, synthetic with the popular polyester (dry fit) as active wear or even eco-friendly recycled fabrics.

Among these new materials, advances such as anti-snag polyester have already been achieved. Printing techniques specific to each kind of material, particular attention must be taken allowing the finest embellishments for each type of material. We have the advantage of having our own in-house workshop: it allows us for printing tests on products enabling us to give high quality results.

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