University mobile boutique

A unique service in Quebec

A real innovation, Acrobate has developed a mobile Boutique service that goes directly to your business or your school to better serve you and a writ out personalised orders.

The procedure is simple. The first step is that the student committee or the company’s representative select the apparels and the designs that will be part of the collection. Acrobate then creates a PDF catalogue that will be distributed to the students or to the personnel for them to make their pre-selection.

Turnkey service

When the time comes, we setup on site, with changing rooms, samples of each size and color of the collection’s apparel as well as examples of printed examples. The students and employees make their personalised choice and make payments either by cash, debit or credit card.

We produce our apparel directly in our in house workshop and will all be delivered at the faculty or business, in clearly individually labelled bags making allowing easy distribution.

Acrobate takes care of it all from beginning to end.

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